Not only a dreamer

Joseph dreamed about being a leader, but didn’t imagine the hurdles he would have to overcome to reach his dreams. Betrayed by his brothers, sold as a slave, and imprisoned unjustly, Joseph learned the hard way that to achieve professional success it is not enough to dream.

After studying in detail the life of Joseph of Egypt, Dr. Montenegro exposes the characteristics that were vital for Joseph’s success and that are the same for anyone who is about to face the fierce and often unfair fight for professional success.

This book is filled with interviews with people who experienced the worst and the best of professional life. Besides that, it contains a bonus chapter with ideas to set in motion the career of any young professional.

This book is ideal for

● University students;
● College students;
● Young entrepreneurs;
● Young professionals;
● Anyone who although trying hard is still unemployed or stuck in the professional life.

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